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•    I am having problems ordering, what do you suggest?

Most often this is a browser issue. If your browser is outdated you will need to upgrade. Our web host suggests Mozzila Firefox. I use it whenever I am having issues and it seems like a much better and worry free software than Internet Explorer.

•    When will you have items back in stock?

We update daily so please check back often. The answer is usually "within a few days".

•    How do I buy one of those sweet rifles you build?

Custom rifles from SD Tactical Arms need to be ordered at this time through email. We can make what you tactical needs desire.

•    Will you accept money orders?

Yes definitely! Please mail your detailed order along with your email, your address, your phone number and any specifics. Use the web site to get prices. Figure shipping as 1-3 items $5.50 and 4-20 items $8. If you need a flashlight with the order figure it at $12.


•    Have my items shipped yet?

When your items have been shipped you will receive an email that provides you with a tracking number. Sometimes those emails may get caught in your SPAM box. Please check your emails and SPAM box before asking us.

•    I made my order and I decided I want more items, can I save on shipping and add that into my order?

We tend to package and ship very quickly, in order to get the items to you as soon as possible. We will add items if your initial order hasn't been processed for shipping. You will know if it has been processed if you received an email from us containing tracking information. Sometimes those emails may get caught in your SPAM box. Please check your emails and SPAM box before asking us.

•    Can you ship to other countries?

Not at this time.


•    My part was damaged. What is your policy for replacement?

If, in fact, there was a error in manufacturing, we will replace. If you send it back and it has been determined damage was caused by cross threading, abuse or put on the wrong flashlight, we will not replace it. Remember, be careful not to cross thread upon building. Aluminum galls very easy if not screwed on properly.

•    Your part does not fit my light, what now?

First make sure that you have the correct flashlight. The correct ones are stated in the parts description. Next note the knurling on the rear piece. The Greatlites have diamond (or X) knurling and the Maglite rear pieces have straight line knurling. The Greatlite end caps have three rings around the base and the Maglites are smooth around the base. If there was a mix up on the order, please let us know.

•    What do I include on returned items?

Please be extremely detailed on the letter you send with the parts or parts. We need phone numbers, emails, what you need and your address.


•    Do I need a tax stamp to order your parts?

No, none of my parts are for a suppressor. I sell thread protectors that happen to fit a flashlight, centering tools, end caps and freeze plugs. Your modifications to the parts may require a tax stamp.

•    Is it legal in my state to have a suppressor?

You will need to research this yourself. There is info everywhere on the web.

Custom Rifles

•    How do I buy one of those sweet rifles you build?

Custom rifles from SD Tactical Arms need to be ordered at this time through email. We can make what you tactical needs desire.


•    What is the difference between the original thread protector and the rear?

The original was made in the beginning to fill a void that was needed to complete a flashlight suppressor for the Greatlite. Since then through experimentation, we have discovered that the threading on the front of the Greatlite is not as good as it is on the rear of the flashlight. I would recommend you use the rear piece. Please watch all the videos we have provided for more information.

•    How do I build the Maglite?

Here is what we recommend:
  1. Drill all freeze plugs and the end cap.
  2. Disassemble the flashlight and remove the snap ring.
  3. Place the end cap on. This is very important! Pound 3 freeze plugs one at a time from the rear of the flashlight till they bottom out. Use a 1" socket with a long extension. A deepwell socket is best to keep the baffles straight.
  4. Push in a spacer approximately 1.25" long from 1" electrical PVC wrapped with 2 1/4 wraps of electrical tape.
  5. Pound in 6 freeze plugs tight against the spacer and each other.
  6. Pound in 2 more freeze plugs with extra holes around the centered hole or drill them out out to 1/2". This aids in expansion.
  7. Fit a spacer to fill the rest of the tube. This spacer needs to be tight against the last freeze plug and the bottom of the rear thread protector.
  8. Once proper fit has been found wrap the spacer with 2.25 wraps of electrical tape.
  9. Screw on the rear thread protector.
  10. Test fire!

•    What thread size do I need for my caliber?

.22, .223, 5.56 and 9mm:  Use a 1/2-28
.308, 300AAC:  Use a 5/8-24
10mm or 40 cal:  Use a 9/16-24
.45 cal:  Use a 37/64-28(.578-24)
AK:  Use a 14-1mm left hand
Sig:  Use a 13.5-1 left hand
Gemtech L.I.D.:  Use a 1-3/16-24

This is not true for all. Most of this info can be found by a basic web search.

•    What size should I drill my holes for the baffles?

I like to go .026-.080 bigger than the caliber. So a 5.56 is .224. .224+.026=.250 or a 1/4" drill bit. Use this drill bit chart to come close to the drill size you need.

Try to drill in stages. Use a sharp 1/8" drill with the centering tool, then go 3/16" then on to 1/4" for a .22 caliber. This keeps the holes more centered. All this can be done accurately with the centering tool and a cordless drill. Use a vice to hold the freeze plugs.

•    Will it work for a 5.56 or .223?

I have not got one to work with a flashlight. Others have, though, according to feedback we've received from others. With the build of the rear piece, I am confident that there will not be an issue; however, this is not a guarantee. This is an experiment and failure only costs a flashlight. If you bubble your tube you can recover your old parts by using a die grinder and splitting the flashlight. You will probably lose the end cap as well. This being said the tubes we make are perfect for most calibers up to 300 Magnum. The C-cell tube we sell is best suited for a 22LR.

•    Why am I getting baffle strikes?

Sometimes the threading is off on the barrel and it does not match the bore. This has happened to me also and had to use a suppressor with 30 cal baffles to avoid baffle strikes.

•    Do you make a piece to fit a Nelson device?

Not presently but if someone sends me one for an example I will build it for $20 extra for set up fee.

•    What do I all need for the Greatlite?

Greatlite 32023 flashlight
8 freeze plugs
Rear thread protector for Greatlite in proper thread
End cap for the Greatlite
Centering tool (very important for baffle hole accuracy)

•    What do I need to build the Maglite?

Maglite model #S2DGU6, SX43426 or S2D016
11 freeze plugs
Rear thread protector for Maglite in proper thread
End cap for Maglite
Centering tool (very important for baffle hole accuracy)

*  What do I need for a SD Tactical Tube to make a suppressor?

tube-Aluminum C-cell, carbon steel or Titanium in correct length for your project

rear thread protector in the correct thread size and flashlight size

end cap option A for the correct tube

7-11 freeze plugs

spacer pipe-Aluminum for C-cell or Stainless for the D-cell

centering tool

•    What about decibel level?

Our test using a iPhone app put a store-bought .22LR suppressor with subsonic ammo at 95 DB and the Greatlite suppressor came in at 94 on the first shot and 93 thereafter. There was a definite higher pitch on the store bought. Almost like a higher frequency on the store bought as opposed to a dull or low frequency on the flashlight.


•    Do you thread barrels?

Yes we do. Send them to us and we will thread and crown them. We charge $150, which includes shipping back. Coordinate details through email please.

Freeze Plugs

•    Will you drill the freeze plugs for me?

I will NOT drill the freeze plugs unless you buy a ready build suppressor from me. I am not presently building ready built suppressors as I am still in the prototype stage. You will also need to complete NFA paperwork and wait the 6-7 months if you want them drilled.

•    Where are the freeze plugs with the extra holes located?

The freeze plugs with the extra holes will go closer to the barrel or the first two baffles the bullet goes through. This is not needed for the SDTA tubes.

•    What freeze plugs do I need?

You will need 381-3179 Napa brand do not substitute! The centering tool is made to perfectly fit the 381-3179. If out of stock, please check back.

•    What way do the freeze plugs go in?

Freeze plugs can only go in one way. Think of them as a cereal bowl. The bottom of the bowl will need to go in first.


•    Will you tap a rear piece in a thread that you don't offer on the web site?

Yes we will. We will charge a extra fee of $20 to cover the cost of the of taking the CNC out of production and the tap. These special orders may take a bit longer due to lag time in receiving the tap from the shipper.


•    What flashlight will your parts fit?

I show on the web store under the specific parts what they will fit. They may not fit others and if they do please let us know. Please don't force the parts on if you feel resistance when screwing them together. Aluminum is a funny metal and can gall or rip easy if there not screwed on straight. I will not replace them if I feel they were mishandled. I will gladly replace them if it was a error in manufacturing.

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