SDTA Pig Cover

from: $3999

SDTA pig cover for the SDTA muzzle breaks. Muzzle break SOLD separately

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The Pig directs the sound and blast to the front of your weapon while firing. We are all painfully aware of the uncomfortable concussion of a good muzzle brake. Our product threads to the muzzle brake with the proper adapter. We have these  I personally use the titanium for the cool factor, but both work equally well. *muzzle brake not included*.

Titanium anodizing can only be done on titanium components. Please look on main categorizes under titanium anodizing for more information. If you are looking to have 10 or more pieces anodized click NO on the drop down and order the anodizing under the titanium anodizing main category. This will save you money.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in
SDTA Pig Cover / Sound Blaster

Pig Titanium B size with SDTA MBTA, Pig Titanium D size with SDTA MBTA, Pig Titanium D size with Silco MBTA

Titanium Anodizing

Blue, Bronze, Bronze/Green, Bronze/Purple, Deep Purple, Light Blue, Light Gold, No


High temp Matte Black, None

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