MBTA for Silencerco, Battlecomp, and others
MBTA Silencerco

MBTA for Silencerco, Battlecomp, and others

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Titanium anodizing
For SDTA pig tubes, SDTA barrel shrouds. This Muzzle Brake Thread Adapter is meant for Silencerco, Battle comp, ACC and others that have an outside 1 1/8"x 12 thread pitch. Please make sure this is the correct size and thread pitch before ordering!  Only available in Titanium.

Titanium anodizing can only be done on titanium components. Please look on main categorizes under titanium anodizing for more information. If you are looking to have 10 or more pieces anodized click NO on the drop down and order the anodizing under the titanium anodizing main category. This will save you money.