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About Us

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Welcome to SD Tactical Arms!

My name is Darrell Kress, owner of SD Tactical Arms along with my beautiful wife, Amy, and three sons.

I got the itch for firearms at a young age. There was a time I thought it was just hunting but as I grew older, I realized for me it was about bringing weapons out and admiring them. I probably didn’t get that many deer when I was young because I was staring at my 30-30 all the time picking it apart trying to understand how it worked.

I started out in high school as a car mechanic. I was always fascinated with how things worked and still am.

That desire took me into the US Air Force as an Aerospace mechanic for my first four years then onto the job of C.A.T.M (Combat Arms Training and Maintenance) for my last four years.

I was a USAF Weapons Instructor and Gunsmith. I spent 8 years total (1988-1996) in the AF and decided to leave because of my young and growing family. At the time, we had two boys and currently have three boys, all successful in their own areas of interests.

My family and I are the sole owners and employees of SD Tactical Arms. We do machine work, design work, shipping and all the business operations. We are a very patriotic family and have proudly raised three patriot boys.

Our goal was to provide high end custom weapons that people would be proud to own.  We make our clients dreams come true in their special weapon design. I keep my clients in the loop during the build process.

Anyone that knows me will tell you I am a stickler for details and take a lot of pride in what I do. My joy comes from happy clients and how proud they are of their SD Tactical Arms firearms.

Thank you,

Darrell Kress
Owner, SD Tactical Arms

The Kress Family
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