Titanium Regulator Brake (Brake only)

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The Regulator Brake system is a multi functional. The three chamber Regulator brake by itself acts to significantly reduce recoil. We built this brake for a wide range of calibers from .223 to your large magnum cartridges like .338 Lapua.  To accommodate this wide range of calibers we also offer an array of thread and bore sizes to maximize the use of the Regulator brake on many different platforms. With the Regulator Brake being a very effective brake…comes lots of concussion to the shooter and especially fellow shooters along side of you. To reduce the felt concussion to the shooter and fellow shooters, we externally threaded the muzzle brake 1-3/16×24 (1.1875×24) to attach our Regulator blast shield that pushes the blast forward and away from the shooter. While the blast shield pushes the gas forward the brake still greatly reduces recoil. This makes the Regulator Brake system a versatile muzzle device for all of your firearms. The Regulator brake has a 1″ hex on the front for easy installation. We recommend to use a high heat resistant Loctite to ensure a solid lock up of your brake. We offer the Regulator Brake System in a few different finishes and it can also be paired with our titanium anodizing to have a unique muzzle device. If we do not offer your desired thread size please reach out to us, and we may be able to do a custom thread.

Finish colors – Raw Titanium, Matte Bead blast, Carnivore Coat, Matte Black (Shroud only, Brake will be matte bead blast unless specified)

Thread sizes – 5/8×24 , 1/2×28 , 1/2×36 , 24×1.5mm , .578×28 , 9/16×24 , 11/16×24, 49/64×20

Brake Specs:  O.A.L. – 2.18    Outside Diameter – 1.13″   Weight – 2.6 ounces (5/8×24 .375 bore)

Shroud Specs: O.A.L. – 2.75″   Outside Diameter – 1.315″   Weight  2.0 ounces

* Total Weight : 4.6 ounces * (5/8×24 .375 bore configuration)


24x15mm will have a slot for the spring detent to time the muzzle device

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in
Thread Size

.578×28 (.500 bore), 1/2×28 (.284 bore), 1/2×28 (.375 bore), 1/2×36 (.405 bore), 11/16×24 (.500 bore), 24×1.5MM (.284 bore), 24×1.5MM (.375 bore), 49/64×20 (.535 bore), 5/8×24 (.375 bore), 5/8×24 (.405 bore), 5/8×24 (.500 bore), 9/16×24 (.455 bore)


Carnivore coat, Matte, Matte Black (Blast shield only), Raw

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