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Weapons 4 Warriors – BACKUP

Non-Profit Supporting Our Veterans

Weapons 4 Warriors builds custom firearms for wounded veterans who have served this country with great patriotism. W4W also guides disabled veterans on hunts in Arizona (and Gold Star Kids in other states) to honor the fallen. Your gift of a donated tag, buying T-shirts, or the gift of a cash donation goes a long way to helping our veterans.

For Veterans

We choose a deserving Veteran that will receive an amazing firearm at no cost through the Weapons 4 Warriors program.

Custom Firearm

We create a completely custom and unique rifle with all the bells and whistles, tailored for the individual that will receive it.


We present the custom-built weapon in-person, letting the recipient know just how much they mean to this country.
Chris Kyle Receiving Custom Rifle
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Organization History

In 2012 I had read a book that would change my life. It was called “American Sniper” the story of Chris Kyle the most lethal sniper in American history. The book stirred emotions of guilt in me for not helping and doing as much as I could to help fellow veterans for their service. I decided I wanted to build Chris a custom made rifle. I made contact with him and told him I was making him a custom Daisy Red Rider to honor his service. We had a laugh and agreed to meet at Shot Show in January 2013 since we would both be there. We caught up with each other and I gave him the Custom made .308 rifle and custom made case to look like his book cover.

Chris Kyle was every bit the great American I had imagined. He was a very humble man and actually thought he didn’t deserve a rifle like that. It was truly one of the great honors of my life to have shaken his hand. We hung out a bit, had lunch together at Shot Show and he signed my copy of American Sniper. After Shot Chris and I texted back and forth a bit and he was very excited that he had a new Niece from his brother Jeff and Sister in law wife Amy. Tragically two weeks after we met, Chris was taken along with his friend Chad Littlefield at a gun range in Texas. A soldier with issues shot Chris and Chad in the back. Chris and Chad were trying to help this soldier and he now has been convicted to life in prison for murder.

Two days after Chris’ murder we were contacted on face book by a lady named Kristen Linde. She told us “the Thursday night before you gave Chris the weapon I was with him and JWW at dinner with the Craft guys. Chris was excited about getting this gun and didn’t understand why he was getting it or the fact that you guys thought enough of him to give him this custom gun. He leaned into me that Thurs night and said:

“Do you know who this guy is sitting next to me? This guy is my hero and I am going to ask these guys doing the gun for me if the next years recipient could be JW. He got screwed outta the medal of honor. Fast forward to the Friday morning of you giving him the gun… Chris came by the Liquid booth on his way to see you guys. He was so excited to see this gun. After he received the gun he texted me and wanted to meet up and go to dinner with the Kryptek guys. While we were at dinner Chris couldn’t wait to get the hell outta there cause he wanted to go take a closer look at the gun that he had left with our friends and get it up to the hotel room. So, we made an excuse to leave dinner and b-lined back to meet our friends and pick up the gun.”

“Once we made it back to the room, like I have told you guys, I hadn’t seen a smile on Chris’s face like that in a LONG time. He was sooooooo overwhelmed with what you guys had done for him and still didn’t feel worthy! As he poured over the details, right down to having the punisher skull in the gun and the Constitution and the AS book cover on the outside, he was like a kid in a candy store with excitement. He couldn’t wait to get it home to TX and shoot the shit outta it. The rest is history”

I had asked Chris if he knew of a deserving soldier to receive a rifle, one that was honorable and as humble as him. Without hesitation he said “John Wayne Walding” and told me Johns story. I will admit that after Chris’ murder I had given up on this idea, I felt some guilt for he was shooting the rifle I made him the day he was killed.

Its turns out there was this lady we call our Angel and Sister (Kristen Linde) who kept hounding me to complete Chris’ wish to give John Wayne Walding a rifle. I also had other signs telling me to keep it up, like a bolt that arrived exactly 1 year after I ordered it. A bolt that was for Chris’ rifle. A bolt that came at a time when AR parts were very hard to get. A sign? Like when I was driving to work looking up to the stars and complaining to Chris about leaving me with a rifle to build and I know nothing about the person. Then on that very trip Chris threw the idea in my head to call Johns rifle “Medal of Honor”. A sign? Or the times when I would get down on the whole thing and the song “Carry On” by Fun would come on the radio. A sign?

So in 2013 We not only gave to Chris Kyle, we gave a rifle to Marine Robert Knudson and Bam Westfall. Weapons4Warriors became the name and we decided to put the money from the T-shirt sales towards the Weapons. It would allow almost everyone to be able to be part of this, to see the smiles and pride on our War fighters faces when they receive a custom made rifle.

Here are some videos of the Weapons4Warriors give away:

John Wayne Waldings - Weapons4Warriors
Chris Kyle - Weapons4Warriors
Bam Westfalls - Weapons4Warriors
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